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Ashes - Review


     Alan Coulson’s Ashes is is masterful revenge drama wrapped up in a symphony of a gratifying soundtrack and gorgeous scenery. The film’s slow-paced start takes it time to introduce the main characters and give hints of the background, leaving the complete main issue to be explored throughout the movie. Ashes’ drawn-out start does not feel like a hurdle like it tends to be in some dramas, not with the swift editing and loud soundtrack picking up the slack and keeping you on the edge of your seat. The exquisite bleak imagery perfectly reflects the characters’ own personalities and the events surrounding them. There was a lot of strong performances, most notably from Rupert Procter in the role of Jonathan, an alcoholic teacher on the quest of vengeance. Ashes use its simple but very realistic script to tell a story of love, revenge, and redemption. Overall, Ashes is a well-executed drama that brings joy to the indie film scene.  

Ashes is now available on Amazon Prime.