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WandaVision - A Missed Opportunity for Greatness.


Phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe got delayed thanks to Covid, and it seemed like it will never start due to the delayed release of Black Widow. However, Disney+ got things moving with WandaVision. A premise that might be confusing for MCU fans who only watched the movies, but it was pretty familiar to comic book fans. I was not expecting the Disney+ marvel shows to be on the same level as the Defender’s shows on Netflix. But hope was there nevertheless. The show started with a mystery that prompted the viewers to decode, theorize and come up with their own conclusions. Some fans went wild, and the weekly release schedule didn’t help their overactive imaginations.


With over 20 movies and seven live-action shows, the MCU is beginning to experience the fan backlash that DC has been dealing with for a while now. People are starting to judge content based on the things they want to see instead of what they got. If you have never read a comic, WandaVision might have been a great show. But when you decide on a weekly release schedule with an unsolved mystery, hint drops, and clickbaity casting you should be able to handle the backlash you were asking for. It doesn’t take too long to figure out why the finale disappointed the fans, but WandaVision has more problems than just unfulfilled expectations.


WandaVision was a chance for the MCU to revamp and finally give us something new. Even though for the first few episodes it seemed like it’s heading towards a new direction, the rest of it destroys that notion. It’s not just the casting of Evan Peters that brought back the MCU tired tropes like the Mandarin in Iron Man and Mysterio in Spiderman-Far From Home. It’s the same old formula that is known for its simplicity. It might have been the backbone of marvel’s success, but for a show that exists in this complex setting, the formula simply doesn’t work. It was passable, but the potential for greatness was unfortunately missed.


Even though WandaVision was far from greatness, it was an entertaining show to watch. The set and costume designs were the best we’ve seen from marvel in ever. The CGI was convincing and very realistic. The plot shined in introducing new characters but lacked in developing them. It might have been an oversight or a hint that we’re not done yet with them. The cast however was what this show is really about. Everyone and I mean everyone did an incredible job. Let’s start with the star herself, Elizabeth Olsen. Olsen delivered her best performance to date, beating my personal favorite of mine Windriver. Olsen transitioned effortlessly between decades,  comedy, drama, and action. The show’s runtime really allowed us to explore Wanda’s relationship with Vision. Which highlighted Olsen’s chemistry with Paul Bettany who was very convincing. Bettany upgraded his character from some machine that was just there for the fights and made us see him the way Wanda does. Kathryn Hahn was easily the standout, which kind of gave away her character's mystery. They can’t just cast Kathryn Hahn as an annoying neighbor and expect us to believe that there’s nothing more to her. The fun addition of Kat Dennings from Thor movies and Randall Park from Ant-man was a random choice, but it turned out to be the best one. I loved their chemistry and the comfort they radiate through the screen. Teyonah Parris’s Monica was the greatest potential for a crossover character. And I wouldn’t mind a solo movie in the future.



While WandaVision was a missed opportunity for greatness, it certainly wasn’t a disappointing show to watch. Fan theories aside, the show builds on a formula we all know and love. It might have been not what I was expecting, but the formula is loved for a reason. And it is that reason why I‘m excited for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier to finally start. Even though I’m dreading the weekly release schedule.