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Best 5 New TV Shows

1)      Wicked City

According to Buzzfeed, the producers of the Legendary “Gossip Girl” did not want Ed Westwick to play Chuck Bass because he “looked more like a serial killer than a aromatic lead”. I have to say they were spot on, mesmerizing as he is as Chuck, Ed portrayal in the new ABC crime drama looks quit wicked. The plot unfolds in 1982 where two serial killers Kent Grainger “Ed Westwick” and Betty Beaumontaine “Erika Christensen” terrorize Sunset Strip. I’m looking forward to seeing the pilot on 27 October.

 2) Jessica Jones

 If Jessica Jones is half the masterpiece Daredevil is then I’m looking forward to seeing it.       Starring the talented Krysten Ritter as Jessica Marvel and Netflix brings us a new a new web television series. Ritter plays a former superhero running her own detective agency. The series starring David Tennant, Mike Colter and Luck Cage is set to premiere November 20 on Netflix.

    3)        Heroes Reborn

Happy news for Heroes fans, there’s a new 13 episodes, a part of a new miniseries for Heroes labeled Heroes Reborn. Tim Kring is coming back as executive producer. The miniseries takes place a year ago from the events of the last season where people with extraordinary abilities are on the run, caused by the blame placed in them from the terrorist attack in Odessa. The miniseries is set to premiere in September 24.  

    4)      Lucifer

     The latest Fox television series does not have a premiere date yet, but I know it will be released in 2016. Starring the Charismatic Tom Ellis as Lucifer, the series is about satan leaving hell and taking a resident is Los Angeles, not sure about the difference to be honest. Lucifer is a reportedly a loose adaption on the “The Sandman” comic book character Neil Gaiman.  

5)      Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

I love him, everybody loves him. I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t love him. It’s Niel Patrick Harris. NBC is introducing a new 1 hour long American live television variety series set to premiere on Septmeber 15.