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The Defenders (Review)


            I used to complain about the lack of connection between Marvel’s movies and tv, not anymore. I don’t want the movies, as fun as they are, to ever touch the empire Netflix built with The Defenders. The most anticipated superhero show of the year is here, and it delivers everything it promised and more. 

           It’s starts off predictably slow, but not boring. Despite the Defenders not crossing path in their own series, all it takes is two episodes to build up a well written story to unite the four. And what’s even more impressive is the fact the none of the minor character were ignored, and none of them felt forced in the plot. Everyone had a purpose, and the ones that didn’t like Ward and Joy in Iron Fist were written out with a believable excuse. Defenders breaks all superhero film and shows stereotypes, especially when it comes to their female characters. They don’t shy away from emotional women, and it wasn’t written as a weakness. The show’s diversity is impressive and very well done. 

        The plot relies heavily on Iron Fist’s, and while his own show wasn’t up to standard with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil, the defenders knew exactly how to use his weak points like childish anger and inflated ego to drive the plot forward. In only eight episodes we’ve seen more character development for Iron Fist than we’ve seen on his own show. However, and without a doubt, Jessica Jones was the real show stealer. Always there to deliver a witty comeback and kickass when necessary. Physically Jessica Jones is the strongest of the defenders, however her lack of martial arts knowledge like the others is an obstacle for her in fights. I was crossing my fingers to see her fly like she does in the comics, or even a “controlled landing” but that didn’t happen. It’s good to see Luke Cage back in action, trying to find his place in the world after prison, but I didn’t appreciate the flirty tone with Jessica for two reasons. One, he and Claire have too much chemistry on screen. Two, it’s totally not intentional on the showrunner’s part but Matt and Jessica had the best relationship on the show. Which brings us to Matt, who was acting a lot like Jessica at the beginning of the series, refusing to be a hero. But then he realizes that being Daredevil isn’t a job, it’s who he is. It will be interesting to see his story going further in the upcoming season of Daredevil, especially after the big ending of the Defenders. 

        Sigourney Weaver’s character Alexandra leaves us with a lot of questions regarding her long past, but the Defenders does a good job of killing the villain at the peak of the audience interest in them. What’s makes it a good twist is that it was not written for shock value. The Death of Alexandra is a vital point for Elektra’s story. 

        The production design was more than remarkable for tv show of its genre, and the color scheme for each Defender following them from their own series is a lovely touch to the murky tone of the show. Netflix’s Marvel does dark and gritty and it’s glorious.