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Wind River (Review)

  “Hell or High Water” and “Sicario” writer Taylor Sheridan directorial debut is nothing short of astonishing. The thriller follows the usual formula of finding the body, investigating it and then the final reveal, but what sets this film apart is the psychological intensity of the unfolding events, and tension surrounding the deliberately slow-moving plot at every turn. The chilling score captures the icy weather impeccably, it makes you feel the movie instead of merely watching it. The “Gone Girl” worthy plot twist is led by a compelling tension filled scenes delivered immaculately by the talented cast. Jeremy Renner’s performance is his best ever, proving that with an eloquent script he’s unstoppable. The battle between good and evil ends with Revenge winning, and that’s what makes Wind River’s ending so satisfying. It does a good job at making viewers research the subject matter afterwards, and question the film’s connection to our reality. Wind River is not one of the best movies of 2017. It is the best movie of 2017,so far. 

Wind River is out in Cinemas now. DVD release is estimated for November. Digital is estimated for October.