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Una (Review)

   Benedict Andrews adaption of the play “Blackbird” is one of the most uncomfortable films to watch. A young woman, Una played by “Rooney Mara”, pays a visit to her old neighbour Ray “Ben Mendelsohn” who sexually abused her when she was thirteen. You don’t have to read up about the film to know that it’s a play adaption. Mara and Mendelsohn jaw-dropping performances take place in mostly the same location. But even their more than outstanding performance did not provide a point to this movie, or perhaps the only point it made was too nauseating to point out. It’s unclear what Mara’s flighty and traumatized character Una wants, it goes from closure, to anger, to reminiscing the disturbingly fond memories she had with Ray. Ray on the other hand, an abuser, claims to have a soft side. The film’s most eerie aspect is the balance between the script trying to humanize Ray, and “Mendelsohn” sinister performance. It’s unclear whether Una got her closure or not, but she did get to walk away this time with the knowledge that nothing can erase what’s been done to her. Una gets captivating as much as it gets sore by the second. It has too many grey areas where it should not, enough to span arguments and debates between viewers. However, the one absolute fact about this film is that it’s Rooney Mara’s best performance to date.