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You Were Never Really Here – Review

               It’s been over twenty-four hours and I’m still thinking of 'Lynne Ramsay’s' ‘You Were Never Really Here’. From the synopsis alone, I expected another cliché take on ‘Leon the professional’. What Ramsay delivered was a rare achievement in taking the hitman turned hero genre and molding it into her own vision. Explaining the plot would be a useless task because the film leaves you questioning every turn and imagining your own conclusions. The stunningly revolting visual feast leaves you even more unnerved than Jonny Greenwood best score to date. Cinematography and editing are what make this movie, every scene is masterfully shot to the point where I felt like the camera was mere fingers playing on my nerves. ‘You Were Never Really Here’ is a character study as much as it is a thriller. ‘Joaquin Phoenix’, despite working with a really short dialogue, delivered a screaming performance. His phenomenal presence shined as much as the color red did in the movie. I felt his pain with every haggard breath he took. Unflinching, Bold, Raw and Brutal. Ramsay painted this movie with a unique brush and created a genre of her own.