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Ocean's 8 - Review


   The female team up version of the Ocean's film series is a refreshing fun new take on the franchise. While I prefer to see women taking more lead roles in movies instead of just flipping the male team up film’s genders, this one isn’t as corny as Hollywood’s previous attempt with Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. Gary Ross’s Ocean’s 8 is centered around ‘Sandra Bullock’s’ character Debbie Ocean, Danny Ocean’s sister, who is fresh out of prison trying to pull yet another heist that she spent her five-year sentence planning. The film follows the regular steps of assembling the team while giving a small background on each of them. One of the best elements of the movie is the chemistry between the cast, which is a shame because they could have added more interactions between them. And one of the worst is the missing style and comedic elements from the previous Ocean movies. Story-wise, it’s exaggerated, unrealistic, and over the top. A typical heist movie, but it works. What makes this movie different is that it has an element of revenge in it, however, that alone isn’t enough payoff to the slow buildup. Ocean’s 8 feels like an “almost” movie. It almost had the ability to be great but fell short of achieving it. And for a movie of its genre, it doesn’t have to be an impactful and great film, it just must be fun.  It’s unlikely that I would buy the DVD and watch it again, but if there’s a sequel in the works I would be first in line.