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Sierra Burgess is a Loser – Review


      After Netflix’s latest supposed body positivity series ‘Insatiable’ premiered, I was waiting eagerly for ‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser’ to tell a better story than the series was supposed to do. However, I was greatly disappointed. On the surface, and based on the trailer, the movie looked promising. It promised to handle a tough subject matter in a teen rom-com setting, but what was done is a mixture of an unbelievable plot, weak script and cringy if not offensive situations. The latter was bizarre considering that the demographic that the movie is aimed for, is the one most vocal in advocating for a change in their representation in media.

      The plot was fast-paced, and the script couldn’t keep. I was not expecting teenagers to be smart and philosophical like something out of a ‘John Green’ book, but I was at least expecting a stronger argument against Sierra’s meltdown about her self-esteem and appearance issues than just her famous writer/father saying, “Be Yourself”. For a gifted student who can speak three languages, I was waiting for a stronger argument. The plot blurs the lines between a supposed harmless catfishing to full-on sexual assault, and while it’s made to appear cute, it’s not. This shouldn’t be a message aimed at teenagers, especially considering the vast availability of the devices needed to imitate what happened in the movie. But thankfully, the majority of real teens are much socially aware than the ones in this film. To be honest, at this point the movie could have been a little salvageable. But who cares about apologizing and owning up to your mistakes when you could just write a song about it and be forgiven by everyone?

   Sierra Burgess is not a loser, she’s a callous villain in her own movie. ‘Shannon Purser’s’ incredible performance was hindered by literally everything. Even ‘Noah Centineo’s’ charm wasn’t enough to save this movie. And finally, let’s talk about how they have ‘Chrissy Metz’ and they gave her three scenes, especially when her character was a vital point in Veronica’s behavior. Veronica, another character who was not given the treatment she deserved. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. There’s no humor to tide you over the movie, not even a slightly believable plot or a message worth watching. But if you still want to watch it, it’s on Netflix now.