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Veronica Mars Season 4 - Review

I didn’t get to grow up with the original Veronica Mars series on the CW, but I did binge watch the three seasons in two weeks a few years ago. Veronica’s first attempt at a comeback was in 2014 with a fan-funded movie that didn’t live up to the series. However, its second comeback on Hulu for a fourth season certainly did. The eight hours season format was better than 107 minutes run-time the movie had, the plot was stretched out comfortably without overcrowding or filler episodes. One of the best aspects of the fourth season is how true the characters were to their original selves on the CW. Watching characters like Logan, for example, overcome his past and seek emotional maturity was heartwarming. However, the juxtaposition between him and Veronica’s character that refuses to evolve was played off brilliantly. Newcomers were not that striking, but Matty’s character is full of potential for future spin-offs. The mystery itself wasn’t that complicated, which is to be expected in only eight episodes, but I feel like that it could have been more mysterious. The final reveal was not that shocking, it felt lackluster in comparison to the CW season’s reveals. Logan’s father being Lilly Kane’s murderer is still one of the most iconic reveals of all times, the seasons following that first ones were good, but in comparison, they are quite dull. I missed the smaller cases format, they offer a good distraction to the main plot of the season, their lack of them is what I think made the final reveal not that shocking. I didn’t like disconnected the plot was from Wallace, who was and still is Veronica’s best friend. He could have been more involved along with Weevil. One of the characters that I missed was Mac, I feel like she deserved more than one mention. Overall, if I ignored that one little but huge thing that happened to one of my favorite characters on the show, the season is not that bad. There’s certainly a lot of room for potential improvement, and If Hulu decided to renew it, I will certainly be watching.