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Emma (Review)

Jane Austin’s Emma is no stranger to the big screen adaptions. Amy Heckerling and Douglas McGrath’s versions of the Novel certainly made their mark on pop-culture where they are talked about till today, however, Autumn de Wilde’s latest adaption managed to outshine the previous ones despite the odds.

Emma Woodhouse played phenomenally by Anya Taylor-Joy, is an entitled beautiful woman who enjoys matchmaking her friends and family despite the lack of romance is her personal life. Emma sets her latest skills to find a suitable match for her friend Harriet Smith, Mia Goth, which starts off a hilarious adventure of friendship, love, and sorrow. There’s no unexpected twists and turns to the plot, even if you’ve never read Emma, the plot is more than familiar due to its impact on popular culture. The movie deliverers what it promises in the trailer, a hilarious period comedy filled with joyfulness and laughter.

The aesthetics of the Regency period was exquisitely detailed and executed. I loved the production and costume design, the dresses, hairstyles, and most importantly, the hats were intricate with details and over the top feel of the wealth of the characters. The soft pastel color palette occupied with the dynamic camera-work makes the already elegant scenery even more gorgeous.

Emma’s witty dialogue was hilarious and a bit too fast-paced, which might have undermined the emotional moments a little. The real comedy-gold though was the cast who got me laughing from facial expression alone. Anya Taylor-Joy is an indisputable talent that shines and Mia Goth wears her character like a fine silk glove that leaves you wrapped around her fingers. I loved Tanya Reynolds Mrs. Elton, her performance made me laugh the hardest.

Emma, despite all odds, managed to outshine all previous film adaptions before it. Autumn de Wilde’s directing is an impressive work on a genre that is, unfortunately, a lacking presence in the box office. It is filled with hilarious moments, joyous score and unbelievable performances from an outstanding cast.