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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Review)

     There’s a confession I need to make before going on with this review, I don’t like most of Will Ferrell's movies. I find them to be humorless, shallow, and rarely touching, so it was quite shocking for me to love Eurovision so much especially since it combines a lot of the latter descriptions. Maybe it’s the hyper-depressive time we’re living in that made this movie so light-hearted and fun. Eurovision made me fall in love with Iceland, even if Pierce Brosnan’s character resides there. The plot is simple and predictable, even with the little murder mystery going on. The music is great, I found myself immediately downloading the soundtrack and listening on repeat. Husavik, In the Mirror, and Volcano Man are clearly the best of the bunch. The acting is as obnoxious as this film requires. I didn’t get Ferrell’s and Rachel McAdams's chemistry, but their lack of one is partially what this movie is about, so it kind of worked. Dan Stevens is easily the stand-out, I could watch an entire 3 hours long movie of him just talking. The guest appearances were splendid, especially Demi Lovato’s Katiana, who’s cameo was sadly too short. Graham Norton’s commentary was spot on and hilarious, but not as hilarious as a giant hamster wheel with Ferrall powering it up. This movie has ghosts, murder, humor, music, and elves. It not a groundbreaking work of art. You wouldn’t think much of it after the credits roll, but before that, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. You will laugh, tear up, even cringe here and there, but you will savor it while it lasts.