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   There are two possible outcomes for Marvel’s Disney+ shows, either an epic adventure or a cliche snoozefest. When it comes to Mohamed Diab’s Moon Knight it’s definitely the first.

   Oscar Isaac plays the role of endearing, British Steven Specter, who has his own problems with missing time, irrational nightmares, and unexpected guests. The series starts off slow while setting the stage for the main storyline. The plot is cohesive and well-executed. I went back and watched it again to look for clues I might have missed regarding the final reveal and the re-watch didn’t disappoint. The horror elements were too toned down for my liking, I felt more could be added easily. But the cinematography and imagery didn’t disappoint.

   Moon Knight felt close to the great Marvel shows on Netflix, like Jessica Jones and Daredevil. And while there aren’t a lot of similarities, the character-driven narrative is a win. It’s not packed with action scenes, on the contrary, the absence of some action sequences is what was driving the plot forward. The slow clues being dropped, and the assembly of the puzzle pieces of the plot is extremely well done. The ending didn’t feel rushed because the writers took their time with fleshing out the characters and world-building. 

    Issac plays his role well, his switch between characters was smooth and flawless. He shines in communicating Steve’s psychological issues and trauma to the audience. May Calamawy steals the show even before her final reveal. Her character has a huge potential and it would be a shame not to see her again in future projects. Ethan Hawke plays a convincing villain with a chilling performance, I was a little let down by his dialogue but it wasn’t enough to stop my enjoyment overall.  

    Now for the true star of the show, the soundtrack.  The culture-driven songs perfectly fit the vibe the show was selling. As well as serving to tie you in and immerse you further into their world. 

    There are a lot of great things about Moon Knight, from the well-choreographed fight scenes, emotional moments, phenomenal acting, and spell-binding soundtrack. However, what makes this one a standout is its disconnection from the MCU. I’m sure it’s a part of the universe, but it was fun to watch a marvel product without hearing about the avengers or other notable characters. The disconnection from the MCU gives the audience a chance to enjoy a tv show without worrying about watching 20 movies and three other shows to understand the references. Moon Knights is another win for Marvel and a great example of more diverse storytelling.