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Top 5 Moments of: Daredevil Season 1

 When I first started this show I was expecting a darker Arrow based on the reviews I read, however what I did not expect is Daredevil being , as silly as it sounds, the realist super-hero based tv show I’ve ever seen. It’s quit silly to call a blind guy with heightened senses fighting crime across his city real, but that’s what Daredevil is about. The season had many great moment and it would be a shame not to mention them all, however I’ll limit myself to these 5.

5) Keep Kicking Him
What’s even more impressive than Vincent D'Onofrio “Fisk” acting on the show is the actor playing his younger self Cole Jensen. Keeping things real Daredevil shows that villains are not born they are made. It’s safe to say that Wilson’s childhood is the only time he was the victim in his life. What’s ironic is that the teacher died at the hand of the student. After killing his father and yelling “keep kicking him” the first thing a traumatized child hears is his mother telling him to bring the saw. This scene made it perfectly clear that it’s normal for adult Fisk to kill a guy using his car door for interrupting his date.

4) On Fire
While the show is filled with fight scenes this one remains the best one. Fighting a ninja who I later discovered to be Nobu, Matt get his ass beat yet managed to come out of it alive and with his opponent in flames. Fast paced and spread throughout the episode, the fight scene kept me captivated. Fighting Fisk who seemed to be using his anger got nothing on Nobu who deemed Matt to be a worthy opponent. The hallway scene, which was very choreographed and done by the way, almost made this list instead. However it lacks what makes Daredevil a human. In reference to his father iconic line “We’re Murdocks. We get hit a lot ,but we get up.”

3) Why Him
This scene of Matt explaining to Nelson why he became what he is might be one the most heartbreaking scenes on the show so far. It’s not some story about a personal vendetta or who killed my father? as I expected. It’s something completely selfless yet complete sick. I imagine it to be extremely hard for a guy who can hear virtually everything from miles, to stand and do nothing when a “father” is molesting his child. The story is sick, creepy and absolutely satisfying at the same time. Presenting a great reason for the plot and helping us understand the human under the mask.

2) The Most satisfying death
Out of all the characters on the show, I did not expect Karen to kill someone, let alone Wesley. A foolish mistake on his part that cost him his life, gave the opportunity to Karen to keep everyone she loves and care about alive, well not everyone eventually. And what’s even more shocking is Karen admitting that it wasn’t her first time shooting someone. It got me anxious for more character development on her part and hopefully more background story on her in the upcoming season. Wesley’s death was the most satisfying in the season, yet I can’t bring myself to stop missing that bastard in the later episodes. Rest in hell, James Wesley, the best dressed man on the show.

1) He’s the ill intent
Perhaps the realist thing on this show is the villain not realizing he is one. Villains in real life do not go around saying I’m a bad person, doing bad thing and killing people. They actually believe they are heroes, and maybe they were at some point in their lives. The road to hell is paved with good intentions indeed, and if we thought oblivious Fisk to be terrifying, he got nothing on the one accepting his title.

 While I was expecting this show to be bad and for me to spend the majority of time staring Charlie Cox shirtless, or with his adorable hoodies, I was surprised with something so gritty and bone chilling from marvel. It definitely left me at the edge of my seat waiting for the second season. All episodes are set to premiere in 2016 on Netflix.