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Top 5 Moments of: Jessica Jones

      Even if you take out all the R-rated scenes Jessica Jones remains the darkest and the best Marvel TV show that has ever done. While it packs in fight scenes, unlike Daredevil the true violence in Jessica Jones is the physiological one. With a life time performance from Kryten Ritter and the possibly the best villain in Marvel universe portrayed by David Tennant the show breaks boundaries and taboo subjects without using them for a shock value. Taking away the super power and the R-Rated content you can expect a much darker and grittier Veronica Mars, presenting strong female character that doesn’t have to be emotionless to display her strength, and that perfect display is probably due to the show’s female showrunner, three female directors, two female executive producers, and two female writers. Proving yet again that female superheroes are profitable and here to stay. Here’s my spoiler filled top 5 moments of Jessica Jones.

 1) I love You

Following her not so thoughtful plan into getting to supermax prison, Jessica was stopped by the man himself Killgrave. Jessica dumped Ruben's severed head, originally killed by Killgrave because he said he loves Jessica, and confessed to his murder. But before she has the chance to throw herself in prison killgrave makes his appearance by controlling everyone in the station. There’s nothing more romantic to killgrave than confessing his love in a police station where everybody is holding their guns either to their heads or to someone else’s. When I first watched the shows trailer I figured it’s going to be my favorite scene and it was, ending unpredictably but probably with more impact, you don’t see anyone getting killed. You see everyone laughing hysterically after killgrave orders them to, which sends a chilling feeling up your bone that no mass murder scene could.

2) What Would Jessica Do?
Almost disappointed with the show after the build up for a villain turning good-storyline. Jessica surprises me by doing exactly the opposite and proceeding with her initial plan, getting Hope out of prison. Kidnapping Killgrave locking him up and torturing him in order to get a confession proves to be unsuccessful as he end up running away while killing his mother and kidnapping his father. They say the first step in recovery is admitting your wrongs, something that Killgrave never did. While claiming he can be a hero and make a good team with Jessica he never admitted that he raped her and continues to blame her for his abuse. Which sums up the perfect idea of an abuser manipulation of his victim. I’m still not sure if the reason Jessica didn’t try to redeem Killgrave is because of what he did to her and many others or because she didn’t know that he couldn’t control her anymore. Either way I am satisfied with the results. Redeeming Killgrave will open the door to romanticizing a rapist with his victim.

3) The Bomb

Resulting from his jealousy of Luke and Jessica’s past relationship, and heartbroken over the fact that Luke Cage didn’t ruin his chances with Jessica, Killgrave breaks the unbreakable Luck Cage and orders him to blow himself up in his bar as Jessica watches. Lucky for Luck who earlier in the show didn’t want to know his powers limit, he survives and remains unharmed yet unknowingly to Jessica not totally in control of his own mind.

4) Invite Me In

Killgrave does not need to chop off someone’s head using his car door to make me terrified. All he had to do was convince a father to invite him into his house, ordering his kids to stay in the closet and commanding the wife to serve him wine. Watching this scene made me want to take a shower again and again especially when the young girl peed inside the closet, following Killgrave’s orders. Mind Control might not be new to TV, but Killgrave’s will control is, he makes people believe that they want to do what he orders them to, making them feel guilty and traumatized over their own action. Possibly the worst kind of torture Killgrave displays in the show. The Chilling performance by David Tennant adds the necessary charm that attempts to mess up with viewers mind, and making me believe for a second that he can be redeemed but in reality he couldn’t.

5) Smile

Jessica Jones might have been a hero, but she’s not one right now. Helpless and with nothing to lose, Jessica sets on a mission to kill Killgrave after losing the only reason she wanted him alive for, Hope’s life. After commanding a handful of people to kill each other, Killgrave gives one of his last commands to stop, in which Jessica does. Not believing that his experiment worked, Killgrave couldn’t believe that Jessica is under his control again, so he taunts her with her sister, talking about making her his slave. While he sees no reaction from Jessica he believes that she’s finally his again. Exploding from joy he asked her to smile, in which Jessica does. After he commands her to say she loves him, Jessica says it to her sister Trish and processed to snap Killgrave’s neck while telling him to smile. While his death is the most satisfying ending for the show, David Tennant’s Killgrave sets the bar too high for any villain to compete with him in hopefully a second season of Jessica Jones.

If you haven’t watched this phenomenal show yet, it’s streaming now on Netflix.