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Batman v Superman (Dawn of Justice) Ultimate Edition Review

       Batman v Superman is without a doubt the most divisive superhero movie ever made. The harsh criticism this movie followed clashed with some dc fans, who enjoyed it. And it’s because this criticism die hard BvS fans were born, it borrows a lot of Snyder’s previous DC movie The Watchmen in terms of stunning cinematography which is not surprising considering Larry Fong’s participation in both. The theatrical cut felt a bit bumpy in the storytelling department, but the ultimate edition tries it’s best to resolve this issue. Some points were left to the viewer to decipher, which is great for a hardcore dc fan, but not for the regular moviegoer.  The film’s whole plot is very political, with Superman serving as the immigrant and Batman playing the part of a hopeless Bruce Wayne who lost hope in mankind, and gave up on being the hero he once was. The conflict predictably ends in both of them combining forces to fight a bigger evil where Wonder Woman joins them for their first battle. Superman even in his death managed to be a symbol of hope he once was, Batman was forced to see the errors of his ways when he began thinking of Superman as an equal in the infamous Martha scene, and Clark’s demise only managed to erase the God picture Batman pictured him in. After years of hiding from human problems and Wars, Diana was inspired just as Batman was, and together they combine this hope Superman gave them to kick start the Justice League. There’s no denying this movie had it’s problems, but which movie doesn’t. It’s not for the comic book fans who enjoy Disney’s lighthearted Marvel movie, Batman v Superman is unique in style, script and even fans. 5/5 stars