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Logan Lucky (Review)

   This unorthodox take on the heist premise scores another win, and an impressive comeback for Steven Soderbergh. It’s a hilarious tale of when two brothers hunted by their own unlucky family curse decided to put together a team to pull off a multi-million-dollar heist. The film is a humorous and a thoroughly entertaining experience with a lot of heart. The engrossing plot lacks the usual violent undertones found in similar movies, but the charismatic, cool headed characters keep things balanced out. Channing Tatum comedic presence blends perfectly with the astounding and hysterical performances of Daniel Craig and Adam Driver. The brief addition of Hilary Swank and Sebastian Stan ads a nice touch. There’s a lot of standout scenes, but my favourite was the prison riot cover-up, and the prisoners demands of Games of Thrones books. Logan Lucky is a blend of a slow-moving yet witty plot, sensational performances and top-notch cinematography. You won’t like it much if you’re constantly comparing it to Soderbergh’s Ocean films. Logan Lucky is fun and enjoyable as a stand-alone but not memorable enough for a sequel, let alone a film franchise.

Showing now in Cinemas. The DVD and Digital copies are estimated for November release.