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Here's Why Every MCU Movie is the Same

    Consistency is a key, but not when it becomes monotonous. That’s the case with Marvel’s Extended Universe. There’s nothing outrageously bad about them, but there’s also nothing truly marvellous. Just like a baking a cake, they follow a formula.

     While the plot of a hero saving the world from an alien invasion sounds like it’s huge deal, it starts to lose its meaning when we see it happening repeatedly. Not just in the team up Avengers movies, but in their solo ones too. It’s like they’re aware of how painfully cringeworthy it became that they further added the “Revengers” team in Thor Ragnarok as a parody.

   The good character turning bad plot twist that happened in Iron Man is used too many times that you start to anticipate it instead of being shocked. It was shocking with Obadiah Stane, a little different with The All Father turning out to be Loki in Thor 2, and downright ridiculous with the entity of SHIELD turning out to be Hydra. Perhaps the best application of the plot twist was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with the reveal of Bucky Barnes as the brainwashed assassin. But even the most unique and well-crafted MCU movie wasn’t enough to save the franchise from the dullness setting in.

   Avengers 3 disguised as the third Captain America movie looked like it’s presenting the biggest conflict in the MCU, but that outlook didn’t last long. What the characters fought so hard about and believed in was simply resolved in a note that Steve wrote for Tony. As if everything that happened so far was meaningless, a theme that is always accruing in the universe.

   The consistency grows stronger when it comes to dealing with their characters. There’s too much heroes in the MCU, but there’s also more than enough movies to make room for all of them, like Black Widow and Hawkeye’s characters that always get side-lined. Losing a female character, in particular, is undoubtedly the most predicable thing in the universe. From Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis, to Betty Ross and Maya Hansen. Even Pepper Potts and Black Widow lack of storyline makes them as good as dead.

   Heroes need ordinary people, and not just to save them, but to interact with them and feel grounded. Every friendship that started with a hero and a normal friend needed up in said friend joining the squad like War Machine and Falcon. Having normal people who are not heroes or agents humanizes the franchise, and makes collateral damaged much more meaningful.

    I enjoy Marvel movies, or at least I used to. What keeps me watching them is the anticipation of the characters I loved actually doing something exceptional to set themselves apart. I’m not expecting a movie so thought provoking that it will span a yearlong debate like Batman v Superman did. Or a movie without fun and humour than sets Marvel apart. I want to see change finally happen. Casualties in the main characters. A villain that knows what they want, and why they want it. I want to see the heroes lose and come back stronger than ever because they learned from their mistakes. Everything I want looks like it will be happening in the upcoming Infinity War, but as I’ve already seen from Marvel, looks can be deceiving.