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Thor Ragnarok - MCU's First Risk Taking Film. (Review)


           “Taika Waititi” doesn’t feel out of place in the MCU, but for him to direct Thor, which is considered Marvel’s less popular but more serious movie franchise, was a risky move that paid off well. Ragnarok’s most striking aspect is the top-notch cinematography, easily the best in the MCU. The action sequences are diverting when they need to be, and some are surprisingly heartbreaking. We’re used to laughing during Marvel’s movies, but “Waititi” upped that scale with cleverer jokes. The humor in Ragnarok is not just limited to witty characters and jabs here and there, it’s everywhere from looks, to action sequences, even some places held some laughs.

            “Chris Hemsworth” and “Tessa Thompson’s” chemistry was explosive, but it wasn’t distracting enough from the fact that the only explanation we got to Jane’s character being cut is “Mutual Dumping”. Hela played brilliantly by “Cate Blanchett” easily wins best character for me. While it’s fun seeing a villain backstory and some pitiful reason that drove them to do bad things, it’s ten times more pleasurable to see Hela being evil just for the sake of it. “Blanchett” had me rooting for Hela, just for the sole purpose of seeing her go against bigger heroes or villains next. “Taika’s” Korg, “Mark Ruffalo’s” Hulk and “Jeff Goldblum’s” Grandmaster are the true stars of this film. Loki, managed to steal the show again even with being as predictable as ever, a fact that Thor acknowledged.

                One of the things that bothered me is the lack of heart in Ragnarok, a gap that the could’ve been filled if sensitive scenes were left joke-free in order for the emotional impact to set in. It left me feeling less invested, something I’ve never felt with the previous Thor movies. A part of the reason why Hela’s fight scenes, sans Thor, were so good is because the lacks of humor set the brutality to another fearsome level. Which is something we rarely see in Marvel.  

               Thor Ragnarok is Marvel’s first risk taking movie. While not perfect, it’s a stepping stone for sure. You will leave the theater laughing, but you won’t likely remember it the next week. It lacks suspense and wonders, but it pays off in a slightly happy ending. It won’t leave you on the edge of your seat, but that’s okay because Infinity War is meant to do that.