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Star Wars – The Last Jedi (Review)


   The latest Star Wars film is the most ambitious one so far. It takes the saga into a new fresh direction, while managing some fan fulfillment along the way. Alone, the “Last Jedi” is similar to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One”, it has all the cake, but no icing till the next movie. It’s a great start in a new path, but if they decided to go back to unoriginality of The Force Awakens, then it’s a wasted opportunity. The possibility of continuing the saga sans the Skywalker bloodline seems exhilarating. 

   The storyline doesn’t seem as well structured as the previous films, suffering from lack of continuity. The addition of the new characters seems rushed, even though they could have been fleshed out more in the drawn-out plots. Some scenes were completely unnecessary like the Casino one, and the constantly goofy jokes, while not new to the Star Wars saga, were grating on the tone of the film. The pacing was all over the place, just like the dialogue.

  While some character’s behavior was odd, Lea flying through space, some were marvelous. I loved the demise of Snoke on the hands of Kylo Ren. The struggle inside of him between the light and the dark makes his character one of the most interesting ones. The yin and yang dynamic between him and Rey was the best aspect of the film. The constantly dropped hints about Reylo’s redemption and how close he was to getting it makes the future moment my most anticipated one. I missed Finn and Rey together, but his partnering with Rose was seamless and hilarious.  The best moment in the film was the reveal of Rey’s parents. They were nobodies, just like her. Not only does it imply that the Force doesn’t cater to certain bloodlines, but it also ends the overused “Parentage-Reveal” and “Everyone is related” plot-twists. 

  There’s negative and positive aspects to everything in this film except the battle sequences, they are nothing short of phenomenal. The beautifully choreographed scenes were unforgettably visually stunning masterpieces. The cinematography adds more to the tone of the scenes than the dialogue does, and the score is a hit in most places but a miss in few others. 

  The Last Jedi offers a bright fresh future for the Star Wars saga. It plants the seeds of improvement well, and in doing so it does a great job in hyping the next generation of the franchise. It’s easy to see why die-hard fans might dislike it, letting go of the past is hard. But fortunately, the future of Star Wars looks bright.