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Good Time (Review)

   Good Time is a neon-drenched unconventional thriller. It wouldn’t just leave you at the edge of your seat, there’s a good chance that you’d watch it standing up. In a career-making performance as Connie, ‘Robert Pattinson’ plays a bank robber who got his mentally challenged brother into trouble in the first half of the film and tried to get him out of it in the second half.

   The story unfolds overnight with Connie’s bad decisions leading to even worse ones. Everything from the loud soundtrack to the handheld camera close-ups leaves you anxious and uneasy. Just as you think about sympathizing with Connie, who sees himself as a good brother, new events expose his true and toxic although sometimes unintentional effects he has on his brother. The film doesn’t disguise Connie as the antagonist that he is, but it makes you agree with his point of wanting the best for his brother.

   Everything about Safdie brother’s Good Time from the too long credits to the claustrophobic camera work and brash music is unusual. Whether you hated or loved it, Good Time is a unique experience that is not easily forgotten.