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Terminal - Review

   Margot Robbie’s follow-up to her Oscar-nominated ‘I, Tonya’, is nothing short of disappointing. Terminal is a dull combination of overused thriller movies tropes. Usually when movies utilize a non-linear timeline the ending is worth the wait, however that’s not the case with this one. I almost fell asleep during the first half hour, the movie struggled to keep my attention, and Robbie’s over the top performance did nothing to resolve that problem. The twists and turns as the film starts to put together the puzzle pieces are almost comically predictable. It’s hard to imagine a script like that being greenlit, with the tedious try-hard edgy dialogue and superfluously complex plot. There’s nothing remotely interesting in this movie to keep you going, you’re not going to care about any of the characters, because they’re hardly two dimensional. The transition from one scene to another is messy, and the time jumps are jarring. Terminal looked like it was made by someone who wanted to create a puzzle without a reference picture. The gorgeous neon aesthetic and impressive cinematography paired with ‘Simon Pegg’s’ and ‘Max Irons'’ performance weren’t enough to save Terminal from being a dull present swathed with stylish wrapping paper.