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Netflix Reviews Round 2

The Rain

The rain premiered back in 2018 but the concept of a post-apocalyptic show didn’t resonate with me until this year for obvious reasons. The Danish series does really well in world-building and plot, but it suffers a bit in character development. I found it hard to get attached to any of the characters during the first season, I didn’t understand their motives and personalities completely. Some of them seemed really smart until that illusion vanishes and they end up making anserine choices for no reason other than furthering the main plot. There were some big questions that I felt were answered too soon, and therefore it made the show less compelling to watch. However, season 2 and 3 is when the show really shines. The plot is more complicated and over the top than the first season, but it wasn’t hard to follow. I loved how the relationships between the characters evolved more to influence the plot more believably. I wasn’t knowledgeable of the cast’s other work except for Mikkel Følsgaard, whose brilliant performance on this show was on par with his movie A Royal Affair. Alba Augustan and Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen really sold their siblings bond, their relationship is what The Rain is truly about. Overall, it might seem too grim to watch this kind of a show in 2020, but the ending will be worth it.

Emily in Paris

From the creator of Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, and Sex and the City comes a tv show that I actually watched. Emily in Paris, starring Lilly Collins, is so compelling that I finished it on one night and now I’m wondering if I should actually watch Darren Star’s other iconic shows while waiting for season two. The comedy-drama series follows a digital marketer who got the opportunity of working in Paris in a marketing firm that isn’t that excited with her presence there. The series of culture clashes, love triangles, mean bosses, and entertaining clients doesn’t leave the show with one boring scene, let alone an episode. Everyone is pretty, the sights are majestic, the acting is on point. There’s is nothing stopping you from watching this show and enjoying it.


Despite Ryan Murphy’s dodgy record in tv series, his first seasons are usually the best. And since Sarah Paulson is in it, I simply couldn’t resist. Ratched has an interesting premise, I started it without any previous knowledge of the source material or adaptions. The plot was well written, but the weak point was character development, their personalities just switch over and over again to serve a message that the writer didn’t seem to fully comprehend. The main villain wasn’t scary enough, we were given moments to feel for him but instead of building upon it, they switched him back to his previous personality. Paulson’s character was confusing as well, but her development made more sense than the rest. However, Judy Davi’s nurse Betsy Bucket easily stole the show, and that’s not an easy job to do with all the talent surrounding her. There isn’t really a bad or even a subpar performance on Ratched, the cast was on point, from the main character to Brandon Flynn’s Henry Osgood. I loved the scenery and the cinematography, it was easy to fall in love with how the show looked. Overall, Ratched isn’t bad. It has some futuristic ideology that doesn’t belong in period pieces, but the overall message isn’t all that bad. I’m glad it was already renewed for a second season because I will definitely be watching.