. HOPE - LadyS Reviews


I think it’s the time 
To turn off the light 
I don’t want to fly too high 
Cause everybody is laughing in my mind 

I hate what I’ve done to myself 
I threw away the remains of my broken heart 
I have no feelings left 
Cause every time I see the end 
I go back to the start 

I’m tired of using the razor 
I just want to die 
Every time I get so close 
I decided later 
My soul can’t handle anymore lies 

My ears are hurting from the silence 
My eyes are burning from the scenes 
My life is flying in front of me 
Just like the wind dancing with the leaves 

Then my mom came and hugged me tight 
She said it’s going to be alright 
I looked into her eyes 
And saw nothing but love 
Her words melted in my heart 
My neck is untied from the rope 
A new feeling came over me 
A feeling called hope